Resources for OpenHawks

On-campus contacts

  • Mahrya Burnett –OpenHawks coordinator
  • Subject Librarians –Your department’s subject librarian can help you locate source material, navigate licensing issues, and connect with potential collaborators.
  • Digital Publishing and Scholarship Studio –The Studio helps with the development, design, and implementation of digital scholarly research projects and publications. Request a consultation through the Studio website.
  • Alyssa Varner–The Studio’s graphic designer. She can work with you to develop book covers for your open textbook, as well as other graphic elements.
  • Nicole Villanueva –ITS support for UI Pressbooks
  • T.M. Weissenberger–IT/Web Accessibility Coordinator
  • Center for Teaching –Partner with the instructional designers in the Center for Teaching to better integrate your OER into your course, assess the impact of your project, select technological tools, etc.

OER repositories for source material and examples

  • OER Commons –This is a large repository of all types of OER across all education levels. Use the filters and limiters to narrow your search results. OER Commons also includes a web-based authoring tool that you might want to try.
  • Open Textbook Library–From the Open Education Network, this curated collection of open textbooks includes extensive faculty user reviews.
  • OASIS Geneseo –This OER metafinder searches across 115 different OER collections. It can be a good place to start your search.

OER authorship tools

  • UI Pressbooks –Get your UI Pressbooks account from ITS by visiting this website and clicking on the link labeled “UI Pressbooks site request.”
  • GitBook –You might consider using the GitBook platform to share materials created in GitHub. This platform is not supported by ITS.
  • LibreTexts –This platform allows you to create modular OER remixes from existing content libraries. You can also add and edit your own content. This platform is not supported by ITS.
  • JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook –Development environments for creating and sharing computational documents for data science, scientific computing, computational journalism, machine learning, etc. This platform is not supported by ITS.

Accessibility and DEI

  • Accessibility@Iowa—This collection of digital accessibility resources can help you create documents and web resources that are usable for all.
  • Accessibility 101—A set of accessibility checklists, guides, demos, and other resources for instructors.
  • UI DEI Style Guides –These style guides can help you avoid language biases and make your writing more inclusive.

H5P and other interactive content

  • LibreTexts ADAPT – An open homework system that allows users to create embeddable assessments from new and existing questions.
  • –This platform allows you to create a variety of H5P interactive activities, which can then be shared through any H5P-capable authorship tool.
  • Pressbooks H5P –You can also create H5P activities directly in Pressbooks. This link tells you how.

Openly licensed images and media

  • Google Advanced Image Search –Use Google’s advanced image search interface and select “Creative Commons licenses” under “usage rights” to find openly licensed images for your OER.
  • New York Public Library Digital Collections –This large collection of digitized content includes prints, photos, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more.
  • Unsplash –Openly licensed, high-resolution images
  • YouTube –YouTube is still the most comprehensive place to find video content. Try filtering results by Creative Commons license.

Video creation and editing

  • UI Digital Media Services –Services include all aspects of media production, including scripting, filming, and editing. We also support live streaming, podcasts, and audio production. There is a cost associated with this service.
  • One Button Studio—Use the Libraries’ OBS to record and save your video projects.
  • Teach Online Media Studios –Distance and Online Education provides studio spaces equipped to produce live and recorded media for those who teach online.



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