Appendix D: Position Description

Initiated by Dean Jim Merchant MD, and Department Head Occupational and Environmental Health Craig Zwerling, MD

Associate Department Head for Agricultural Medicine


The Associate Head for Agricultural Medicine will provide leadership for the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health in the area of Agricultural Health and Safety.  This leadership role shall include the areas of research, education, and outreach.

The specific roles of the position will include, among others, the following:

  1. To lead faculty and staff in developing a vision of the health and safety needs of the agricultural community and the ways in which the department can contribute to filling those needs.
  2. To promote cooperation and collaboration among faculty and staff in the areas of agricultural safety and health.
  3. To consult with faculty and staff in the development of new research projects and
  4. To seek out and maintain contact with potential funding sources.
  5. To represent the department in dealing with a wide range of agricultural health and safety constituencies and organizations.
  6. To disseminate the results of our research and the success of prevention projects.

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