Before the IAM (1885 – 1954)

The Foundational Years of the IAM (1955 – 1973) 

The Middle Ages of IAM: (1974 – 1985) 

New Directions: (1986 – 2007) 

Modern Times (2008-2013) 

Current Time and Future (2014 -) 

Summary and Postscript 

IAM History in Images 



Appendix A. – Notes, Reminiscences and Interpretations: A Brief History of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health of the University of Iowa College of Medicine

Appendix B. – August 1955 Newspaper Coverage of the Kellogg Grant that initiated the Institute of Agricultural Medicine. These are two of 27 articles on the Kellogg Grant that were included in a newspaper clipping notebook of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health from 1955 – 1985. Note these articles state that the State of Iowa would replace the funding at the conclusion of the three-year Kellogg Grant.

Appendix C. – Agricultural Medicine Training Program. Starting in 1983, the Institute of Agricultural Medicine founded the first in the U.S. a program to train health care professionals how to recognize and treat their rural agricultural patients for the illnesses and injuries they experience in their working environment.

Appendix D. – Position Description: Associate Director for Agricultural Medicine, University of Iowa

Appendix E. – Agricultural At-Risk Policy Process Proposal

Appendix F. – 10th Anniversary and Brief History of Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health


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