Appendix G: Keokuk County Rural Health Study Collaborators

Keokuk County Rural Health Study: Collaborators

Support for Graduate Education and Training:

Post-doctoral fellows

 Greg Flamme, PhD (noise-induced hearing loss)

David L. Nordstrom, PhD (injury)

Hyesook Park, PhD (children’s agricultural tasks)

Paivikki Susitaival, MD, from Finland (dermatology)

Artashes Tadevosyan, PhD from Armenia (environmental exposures)

Carolyn Turvey, PhD (psychiatric epidemiology)

Graduates students

Jaime Dawson-Butler, PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health (neurobehavioral testing)

Laura Badtke, PhD student in Toxicology, (individual variation in paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity in human serum over time)

Seong Woo Choi, MD, PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health (hearing impairment, sleep disorders, and injury)

Robin Epp, MD, MPH, resident in Occupational Medicine (neurobehavioral effects of long-term, low-level exposure to agrichemicals)

Michael Humann, PhD student in Occupational & Environmental Health (noise exposure in rural youth)

Derek Kruempel, PhD student in Health Management & Policy (health insurance)

Leah B. Maxwell, student in the College of Medicine (intimate partner abuse and depression)

Ranjit Mudipalli, MD, MS student (noise-induced hearing loss)

Allison Wright Naleway, PhD, Epidemiology (childhood asthma)

Florin Oprescu, MD, PhD in Community & Behavioral Health (visual problems and eye care service needs in a rural community)

Brian Pavilonis, PhD student in Occupational & Environmental Health (childhood asthma)

Deb Schenck, MD, MS student in Occupational & Environmental Health (muscle/joint pain)

Rohit Seem, MD, MS student in Occupational & Environmental Health (environmental exposures)

Erik Svendsen,  PhD, Occupational and Environmental Health (environmental exposures)

Katie Tharp, PhD, Epidemiology (nutrition, cholesterol, BMI, fruit and vegetable consumption)

Hope Thiesman, PhD, Epidemiology (depression and injury)

Rebecca Tsai, PhD, Epidemiology (relationship between smoking and recent history of injury)

 Fogarty Scholars/Trainees

Sorana Iancu, MD, from Romania (use of chiropractors)

Jana Kubienova, MD, from the Czech Republic (nutrition and physical activity)

Renata Melkova, MSc,from Slovakia (zoonotic diseases)

Florin Oprescu, MD, from Romania (vision)

Diana Rus, from Romania (developed survey for backyard farmers)

Research Collaborations  with organizations and individuals:

Agricultural Health Study (research subjects in common with KCRHS)

CDC’s Nonpersistent Pesticide Laboratory (measurement of persistent and non-persistent pesticides)

NIOSH: Brian Curwin and Wayne Sanderson (pesticide study)

Drs. Greg Gray and Kelley Donham, Carolyn Bridges (CDC), Eileen Thacker (ISU) (pilot investigations of West Nile virus and Influenza A infections)

Injury Prevention Research Center, The University of Iowa, Corinne Peek-Asa & Craig Zwerling (fire safety, intimate partner abuse)

Dept of Psychiatry, The University of Iowa, Carolyn Turvey (depression, suicide ideation)

School of Social Work, The University of Iowa, Susan Schechter, Susan Murty (domestic violence)

Dept of Community and Behavioral Health, The University of Iowa, John Lowe, Faryle Nothwehr (nutrition, exercise, obesity)

Dept of Epidemiology, The University of Iowa, Greg Gray (zoonotic disease)

Dept of Speech Pathology & Audiology, The University of Iowa, Greg Flamme (hearing loss)

Center for International Rural and Environmental Health (CIREH), The University of Iowa, Robin Ungar (Fogarty trainees)

Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH), The University of Iowa

Farm Family Health & Hazard Surveillance Study, NIOSH/The University of Iowa

Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (I-CASH)

Fogarty International Training and Research Program (trainees analyzed KCRHS data)

University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tricia LeVan (polymorphisms in the CD14 gene associated with pulmonary function in farmers)

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Susanna Von Essen (airway obstruction in non-atopic, non-smoking farmers)

University of Nebraska Medical Center/Creighton University, Patrick Lambert (whole blood Cytokine responsiveness in farmers with airway obstruction)

Marshfield Medical Research Foundation, Allison Naleway (childhood asthma)

EPA, Research Triangle Park, Erik Svendsen (agricultural/environmental exposures)

Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea, Hyesook Park (children’s agricultural tasks)

Colorado State University, Stephen Reynolds (agricultural chemical exposure and personal protective equipment)

Iowa State University, Eileen Thacker (West Nile Virus and Influenza A infections)

NIEHS/EPA/CDC – Rural Child Asthma Study (SCOR), Allen Dearry

Michael Abramoff, PhD (ophthalmology)

Dan Anton, PhD (musculoskeletal problems)

Razvan Chereches (Romanian rural health study)

Elizabeth Chrischilles, PhD (child asthma)

Jeanette Daly, PhD (elder abuse)

Mark Dyken, MD (sleep disorders)

Ronald Ettinger, DDS – Geriatric dentistry

Karen Farris, PhD (prescription drugs)

Eileen Fisher, PhD (safe play areas on farms)

Greg Flamme, PhD (noise-induced hearing loss)

Fred Gerr, MD (neurobehavioral, musculoskeletal)

Greg Gray, PhD (zoonotic diseases)

Jed Hand, DDS – Geriatric dentistry

Arthur Hartz, MD (sleep disorders)

Gerald Jogerst, MD (elder abuse)

David Katz, MD (sleep disorders)

Neal Kohatsu, PhD (nutrition, physical activity)

Lina Lander, PhD (occupational injuries)

Tricia LeVan, PdD, U of Arizona (respiratory disease)

Steven Levy, DDS – Geriatric dentistry

Deborah Lin-Dyken (sleep disorders)

John Lowe, PhD (nutrition, exercise, obesity)

Gabrielle Ludewig, PhD (toxicology)

Charles Lynch, MD, PhD – Pesticide exposures

Jeffrey Murray, MD (genetics)

Susan Murty, PhD – Domestic violence

Allison Wright Naleway, PhD, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, OR (epidemiology)

Nicole Nisly, MD – Alternative/complementary medicine

Faryle Nothwehr, PhD (diet and physical activity)

Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD, (fire safety, injury, intimate partner abuse)

Stephen J. Reynolds, PhD (agricultural chemicals, personal protective equipment)

Barbara Rohland, MD – Mental health

James Rohrer, PhD – Health care delivery

John Rosecrance, PT, PhD (musculoskeletal disorders)

Audrey Saftlas, PhD – Domestic violence and reproductive health

Susan Schechter, MSW – Domestic violence

Erik Svendsen, PhD, EPA (environmental health)

David Schwartz, MD – Childhood asthma

Elaine Smith, PhD – Reproductive health

Linda Snetselaar, PhD – Diet & Nutrition

Nancy Sprince, MD – Respiratory disease

Artashes Tadevosyan, MD (agricultural chemicals)

Peter Thorne, PhD (environmental toxicology)

Carolyn Turvey, PhD (depression, suicide ideation)

Richard Tyler, PhD – Noise-induced hearing loss

Susanna Von Essen, MD, Nebraska Medical Center (respiratory disease)

Robert Wallace, MD (alternative/complementary medicine)

Marcia Ward, PhD – Health care delivery

Thomas Weingeist, MD (ophthalmology)

Fred Wolinsky, PhD (health services, physical functioning)

Ginger Yang, PhD (sports injury, physical activity)

Sponsored Research Using KCRHS data or research subjects:

  • w Childhood Health Outcomes in a Rural Cohort (NIOSH/CDC) – James Merchant
    • w 9/30/97 – 9/29/00
  • w Rural Childhood Asthma Study (NIEHS/NIH – Childhood Environmental Health SCOR grant) – Elizabeth Chrischilles
    • w 10/1/98 – 9/30/03
  • w Louisa-Keokuk Environmental intervention Project (NIEHS/NIH) – Peter Thorne and Elizabeth Chrischilles
    • w 8/1/01 – 7/31/06
  • w Nonpersistent Pesticide Laboratory, DLS/NCEH/CDC analysis of 100 sera samples for contemporary-use pesticides, organochlorine pesticides, and inert ingredients (solvents) – Stephen Reynolds and Dana Barr (CDC)
    • w 9/2000
  • w Health Tracking of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Iowa Farmers (NIOSH/CDC) – John Rosecrance and Dan Anton
    • w 9/30/99 – 9/29/04
  • w Analysis of KCRHS subjects’ sera to look for antibodies to Human

monocytic Ehrlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, and Rocky Mountain Fever – Kelley Donham

  • w 2001 – 2002
  • w NIOSH Farm Family Pesticide Exposure Study (NIOSH/CDC) – Brian Curwin and Wayne Sanderson
    • w 2001
  • w Keokuk County Public Health Department – (Iowa Department of Public Health to collect well water samples – Valerie Hammes, County Health Director)
    • w 1998 – 1999
  • w The Rural Iowa Diet and Exercise (RIDE) Study (PRC/CDC) – Faryle Nothwehr
    • w 2002-03
  • w Improving Seatbelt use in a Rural Community: Research-Outreach Partnership – Valerie Hammes
    • w 2000
  • w Genetic Studies in Non-atopic, Non-smoking Farmers with Airway Obstruction (conducted with the University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Arizona) – Susanna Von Essen and Tricia LeVan
    • w 9/30/01 – 9/29/03
  • w Whole Blood Cytokine Responsiveness in Farmers with Airway Obstruction (conducted with the University of Nebraska Medical Center) – Patrick Lambert
    • w 9/30/01 – 9/29/03
  • w Prevention Research Center-Community Health Action Partnership (CDC) – John Lowe
    • w 9/30/02 – 9/29/09
  • w Fire Safety Project (IPRC/NCIPC/CDC) – Corinne Peek-Asa
    • w 9/1/02 – 8/31/07
  • w Iowa Hearing Loss Prevention (I-HeLP) (School-based hearing conservation program) (NIOSH). PI: Greg Flamme, PhD, Western Michigan University.
    • w 2003 – 2005
  • w West Nile Virus Serology Study – Greg Gray, Carolyn Bridges (CDC), and Eileen Thacker (Iowa State University)
    • w 2002 – 2005
  • w Swine Influenza Serology Study – Greg Gray, Carolyn Bridges (CDC), and Eileen Thacker (Iowa State University)
    • w 2002 – 2005
  • w Tractor Overturn Project – Wayne Sanderson
    • w 2004 – 2005
  • w Neurobehavioral Study (NIOSH-funded feasibility project of the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health) – Fred Gerr
    • w 2004 – 2005
  • w Safe Play Areas on Farms (Mini-grant funded by NIOSH-funded National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety) – Eileen Fisher
    • w 2007-2008
  • w Evaluating Noise Exposures of Rural Youth (NIOSH-funded feasibility project of the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health) – Mike Humann
    • w 2008
  • w Genetic Variation in Endotoxin Receptors and Their Association with COPD Phenotypes (NIOSH-funded feasibility project of the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health) -Trish LeVan (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
    • w 2012-2014
  • w Association of Spirometry with Occupational Exposures in a Rural Population (NIOSH NORA Grant) – Michael Humann (CDC/NIOSH)
    • w 2012-2016
  • w DNA methylation in asthmatics and non-asthmatics in a rural population — David Schwartz and Ivana Yang (University of Colorado Denver)
    • w 2014

Shared Full KCRHS questionnaire modules  and provided research assistance to:

Dr. Susanna Von Essen, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Korean visitors from the Farmwork Safety & Health Lab, Rural Resources Development Institute, Rural Development Administration (Korea’s public research institute about agriculture.

Dr. James Dosmann of Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture (CCHSA), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Dr. Razvan Chereches, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Artashes E. Tadevosyan, PhD, from Armenia, a visiting scholar sponsored by the United States State Department, International Research and Exchanges Board.

Also, shared partial and full questionnaire sets with numerous others including all of those for whom we assisted with their sponsored research.  These collaborations required research reviews/approvals and data-set agreements per procedures established by the KCRHS, very often with programming and statistical analysis, manuscript review and guidance assistance provided by Drs. Merchant and Kelly.

Appendix H: The Keokuk County Rural Health Study Final Report


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