“It Takes A Village” – Doherty 2012 Ziegler Lecture

Sport seems omnipresent is some of our lives. Whether we are athletes or fans or both, sport and recreation is something that has its value shown in the investments of time and resources by individuals and institutions throughout American society. As we begin to try to understand the issues that sport highlights and filters for us, we need to take stock of the tools we have to study those issues. The transcript of Dr. Doherty’s speech will help us do just that.


The Dr. Earle F. Ziegler lecture is given annually at the North American Society for Sport Management banquet by the year’s distinguished professor. The speech is then published by the Journal of Sport Management. The occasion provides an opportunity for a leader in the field of Sport Management academia to comment on a larger issue facing the field.


Dr. Alison Doherty chose as her topic for the 2012 Ziegler Lecture the role of multidisciplinary research in social science in understanding sport management and furthering its goals. Consider what Dr. Doherty says about sport management research in terms of how you come to understand things as a student. How might her words affect your educational path as a college student?



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Doherty – Ziegler lecture article found here (select “PDF Full Text” to view)


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