22 Reducing Uncertainty and Sharing What To Expect

The marketing materials for an event can set the framework for who is included as well as what access will be provided. This allows individuals to assess for themselves what their needs will be an anticipate any requests to the event planners.

Reducing Uncertainty and Sharing What To Expect

Ask Yourself

  • What do you already know about your event that your able to share?
  • How do your marketing materials illustrate inclusion from language, access needs, to the images and representations?

Recommended Practices

  • Share what language the event will be held in such as Spanish Interpretation and Closed Captioning or Signed Language. To read more about language interpretation and closed captioning visit these areas of the Guide.
  • Use terms intentionally to consider who you are inviting such as “womxn” or “fem” to broadly define the group if that is your intent.
  • Offer what food or beverages might be available including if there are various dietary options.
  • Consider offering low-sensory, relaxed environments, or other spaces that are friendly for those who are nondivergent and indicate these on marketing materials.
  • When possible, share an agenda including any breaks, amount of time for lunch, etc. by providing this information attendees can plan for any rest or health care needs during these breaks.
  • Remember to add a primary point of contact for accommodations so that if accommodations are needed beyond the integrated design the attendee can easily connect with the appropriate person.



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