12 Safety Plans and Considerations

When planning events and programs we often hope for the best and still have a contingency plan for any possible last minute changes. Part of that contingency plan should not only be about location and communication, but also about safety for those attending the session.

This section includes Safety Plans and Considerations and Additional Safety Considerations.

Safety Plans and Considerations

Ask Yourself

  • What is the plan in case of an emergency?
  • Have you considered the physical and psychological safety of participants? 
  • Have you considered the identities of your participants and what safety might mean for them?
  • Consider who needs to be present to help create a holistically safe environment?

Recommended Practices

  • Ensure that there are emergency plans that include locations of exits, a protocol for people with limited mobility and other disabilities, and the nearest area of rescue assistance.
  • For planning emergency protocols, please contact the UI Department of Public Safety and plan accordingly.
  • For information on Active Shooter and Community Training Programs visit UI Department of Public Safety.
  • Make sure that your communication plan includes ASL, translation, and captioning of any emergency notification.
  • Ensure staff and volunteers are easily identifiable consider having them wear the same t-shirts, or name badges with the word STAFF or VOLUNTEER in large font so that if someone needs help they can find someone with ease. 

Additional Safety Considerations

  • Clearly mark access to any first aid resources. 
  • Have a first aid kit and AED available at the event. 
  • Event organizers should be aware of contact information for:
    • Pharmacy – nearest and 24-hour
    • Urgent Care, Emergency Room, and Crisis Hotlines



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