11 Assessment

When assessing the effectiveness of an event or programming it is best to be thoughtful about inclusion and accessibility in the assessment design, software, community asked to give feedback, and the questions asked.


Ask yourself

  • Is any assessment of the event accessible to the broadest community possible?

Recommended Practices

  • Feedback Surveys
    • How will feedback be collected related to the event in a formative and summative manner?
    • Is the method (Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Forms) an accessible format? Are your questions thoughtfully composted to welcome diverse experiences and perspectives?
  • Analysis of event success and reporting requirements:
    • What elements are you required to collect/report to funders/administration? How can you collect or capture this information:
      • # of Registrations
      • Demographic Attendee Information
      • Session Registration
      • Email Open and Click-through Rates
      • Post-Event Survey Results
      • # of Leads
      • Buying Interest
      • Session Ratings
      • Session Feedback
      • Social Media Engagement and Reach
      • Session actual attendance


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