2 Methodology


The Inclusive Events and Programming Guide is structured with the intent that users can move through the guide as needed to navigate to sections that are most relevant to them at the time. It is not intended to be read cover-to-digital-cover but rather be a self-directed guide.

It is suggested that you begin at chapter II: Start Here which gives information on the creation of an inclusive atmosphere from intentional choices in planning to rights and Uiowa campus policies.

The subsequent chapters provide logistical, tools for shared equitable communication, marketing and material suggestions, resources, and acknowledgements to support planning an inclusive event.

Each chapter contains four areas:

  • A general description and framing of the topic
  • Ask Yourself: questions to consider while planning or hosting your event
  • Recommended Practices: suggestions on how to implement the topic
  • Resources: links to resources that pertain to the section

Our goal is that this Guide provides both recommendations as well as reflection as we acknowledge that systemic inclusion goes beyond a list of tasks to reflection on beliefs and new ways of considering planning events.

This Guide was created in partnership with collaborators and supporters across the University of Iowa.
We depend on and appreciate your feedback, comments, and questions to keep this document as up-to-date and relevant for its users.
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