18 Zoom Live Caption (CC) Automatic Speech Recognition Feature

Zoom at the University of Iowa has a feature that provides automatic speech recognition in real time which allows those who are assisted by being able to read information better access. 

Zoom Live Captions

Ask yourself

  • How are you providing access to verbal communication for those who may be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or who might process better by being able to read material?
  • When deciding between Human Captioning/CART and Automatic Speech Recognition consider the value of having accurate access to material especially when that material is highly technical in nature, the inclusion of presenters with accents/speech differences, and the impact of having materials inaccurately captioned.

Recommended Practices

It is recommended that for large public and high impact gatherings Live Human Captioning (CC) CART and Sign Language Interpretation be provided for access and inclusion.

To enable Zoom Live Transcription visit this Information Technology Services Guide. 

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Captions

Please note that auto-generated captions are not always accurate enough for higher education accessibility standards. Our requirement is to provide effective communication which is often determined by the person making the request. For more information about effective communication from the Americans’ with Disability Act (ADA) please visit this website with more information.

For more information on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captions see the Virtual Events Captioning section of this guide.


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