Bundle 5: Iowa’s Changing Land Use

Tier 3: Open investigation

Tier: Open Investigation


As they explored Tier 1 and 2, surely students found topics that piqued their interest. Let them run with it. We encourage the class to followup on these in an open investigation tier 3.  Learning is for the learner – not for the teacher.

To this end, students should investigate a question that they are interested in.  Teachers should facilitate their investigation, and make sure that it has a good relationship to the learning goals of the class, that it allows collection of data, interpretation of that data, and drawing of conclusions or development of solutions.  Negotiate how they share what they have done.  Options include a youtube video, a letter (for example to local government officials) recommending a policy or practice, a presentation, a paper, a website, a fundraiser for a community improvement….. the sky is the limit.


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