Office of Student Financial Aid

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The Office of Student Financial Aid is here to help students navigate the financial aid process.



Services Offered

Financial aid advisors can:

  • answer questions about scholarships, work-study, loans, grants, and discuss any special financial circumstances.
  • help create a budget, understand the parts of a credit report, and file the FAFSA.
  • explain options to minimize borrowing, forecast total debt after graduation, and describe loan repayment options.

Contact Information

Financial Aid Advisors are available by drop-in from 10 AM-3 PM Monday-Friday. Students can also set up individual meetings by logging into MyUI and clicking on the “Advising Appointment” tile.

What Current Students are Saying

  • “Helpful if you have questions about FAFSA and scholarships”
  • “Offers counseling for loans and can help you figure out how/where/when to take out private loans and which loan is best for you”


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