Student Legal Services (SLS)

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To get free legal advice and low-cost representation from a lawyer visit Student Legal Services, or SLS. SLS services are confidential.



Services Offered

SLS is a general practice law office staffed by two licensed attorneys and certified legal interns from the University of Iowa College of Law. Appointments are available in person or via Zoom.

Students are able to get free legal advice on many common legal issues including:

  • Landlord tenant law
  • Criminal law (including alcohol-related offenses)
  • Small claims
  • Consumer issues
  • Civil rights
  • Family law
  • Traffic tickets
  • Lease/Contract review
  • Protective orders
  • Powers of attorney
  • Notorization of documents
  • Mediation
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Expungement

SLS also provides in-court representation in some cases.

At SLS, you will have the full attention of legal practitioners who truly care about you and your future.

Contact Information

What Current Students are Saying

  • “My experience with Student Legal Services was wonderful! Very friendly and caring in my time of need. They were able to help me better understand my case and made sure I knew what I was fighting against. They gave me options that I was able to decide between and I made my own decisions.”
  • “SLS is a wonderful service that I hope more students utilize. Especially given this is the first-time many students are engaging with things like renting, having legal services provided to students is a really great resource.”


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