Student Disability Services (SDS)

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If you are a student with a disability, Student Disability Services, or SDS, is available to facilitate academic accommodations such as: preferential seating, class notes, offering reading or video materials in an alternate format, attendance considerations, and testing accommodations such as extended time and/or a reduced distraction environment during quizzes and exams.


To apply for accommodations, students are required to complete the SDS Application and submit it along with documentation from a licensed professional to SDS.

Once your eligibility status has been confirmed, you will have an initial meeting with your assigned Access Consultant who will work with you to: enhance your learning strategies, implement your academic accommodations with accommodation letters and strengthen your self-advocacy skills.

In that meeting students generate their accommodation letters to share with their instructors and then work with the instructor to facilitate the accommodation implementation.

Once you have completed an initial meeting you are all set to go! You do not need to re-apply for accommodations every semester and our automated system means you can access the Letters of Accommodations when you are ready to give them to your instructors at the beginning of the semester.  For more information about the application process visit our website.

New Space

Student Disability Services is moving! We anticipate that our new space will be open in mid-September 2021. Until that point, our team is working remotely. Feel free to reach out to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting with us.

Contact Information

What Current Students are Saying

  • “I wish I would have applied for disability services my first semester rather than waiting to my final semester as the services were very helpful. [The Access Consultant] was great to work with and thoroughly explained the process to me.”
  • “I had never gone through a process like SDS, but [the Access Consultant] made me feel like I made the right decision”


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