UI Service Center

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UI Service Center is a joint effort between the University Billing Office and the Registrar Service Center to integrate services and meet the customer service needs of students.



Services Offered

At the UI Service Center, students can accomplish a multitude of tasks ranging from:

  • Paying U-Bills
  • Scholarship check submissions
  • Billing and loan collections
  • ID card programs
  • Changes in registration
  • Student name changes
  • Transcripts and verifications
  • Graduation services
  • Residency

Contact Information

University Billing:

Iowa One Card:

Registration Changes

Transcripts & Verifications

Graduation Services


What Current Students are Saying

  • “Helpful for answering University Bill questions and questions about charges!”
  • “Use the online GPA calculator to calculate your semester GPA!”
  • “Helpful for requesting transcripts”


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