Food Pantry at Iowa

Bag with groceries


The Food Pantry at Iowa provides free nutritious food and basic necessities for University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff in need. Food accessibility and affordability is very important for college students to survive, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to concentrate in classes.


Services Offered

Once a week, clients may schedule an appointment to pick up groceries through a link posted on the Food Pantry’s website. Items available at the pantry may include: fresh produce, protein, beans, pasta, canned fruits/vegetables, soup, breakfast items, snacks, and toiletries

Contact Information

What Current Students are Saying

  • I’m so thankful for the Food Pantry at Iowa! I was in a tough financial spot and not having to buy groceries for a few days helped a lot with the stress. They had great healthy food options and a lot of variety too. The volunteers were all very kind and helpful! Thank you for all that you do for the University of Iowa community!


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