Office of the Ombudsperson



The Office of the Ombudsperson is available to help any student on campus with any situation. The most important thing to know about the office is that it is confidential, which makes the Ombudsperson a safe place to talk about any issue, no matter how sensitive.


Services Offered

Some concerns students come to the Ombudsperson to discuss include:

  • Grade disputes
  • Issues with faculty or TAs
  • Policy violations
  • Housing problems
  • Financial aid issues
  • Campus employment concerns

The office is neutral (tries to help everyone involved), informal (tries to help at the early stages of a problem), and independent (does not represent the university).

Usually, students contact the Ombudsperson with problems they have tried but failed to handle on their own, but sometimes students come to the office first, with a particularly challenging or sensitive issue. The office helps students understand policies and procedures, develop options to resolve the problem, and come up with a plan of action.

Contact Information

Please call 319-335-3608 or email to schedule a time to talk with an ombudsperson.


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