3 Blue Text Links: How do I “click” on a “link”?

Blue text links

What is a “blue text link”? Often times you’ll be directed to “click on the link” for more information. You can usually tell that something is a link because the text is blue and underlined. Depending on your settings, if you move your mouse cursor over this blue underlined text it will change the look of the cursor (e.g., from an arrow to a pointer finger like the image below).

A blue text link takes you to another website or part of a page when you click on the words. You may have seen these within emails or on your learner’s classroom website. These links can take you anywhere including to zoom, other websites, other “apps” (e.g., Lexia, DreamBox), and more. These links usually appear in blue texts, and all you have to do is move your cursor over the blue text and click on it. Depending on your device and settings, clicking the blue text will take you to the website in a new tab, or replace the page you are currently viewing with the new page. If the blue text link leads to an app or another program most of the time the page that you are on (e.g., your child’s Seesaw activity) will remain open on your device, and the program (e.g., zoom) will open in another “window.”


How to Link an Image on Your Website

Try it out! Click on the link below as it will take you to our icon glossary…

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