23 Finding the Calendar

What is the calendar?

The “calendar” is one way to get a sense of what your learner is supposed to be working on.

This is the Seesaw home screen you might see upon logging in. If you do not see the word “activities” at the top, you will after completing the next step.

The first way you can access the Course Calendar is by clicking on the Activities tab.

After clicking Activities, at the bottom of the screen, the Calendar should appear. Click Calendar and you should see your student’s course calendar.

This is what the course calendar looks like after you click on Calendar.



The content you see on the calendar might be different from what it looks like above, or even the look of the calendar for another child in the same grade who is in a different class. The reason is some of the content depends on what teachers decide to post (such as homework, announcements, or messages) for the students – at least in the ICCSD.


First Drafts: Cody Zellmer, Sijia Wen

Final Draft: Emily Hott 


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