28 What does the JOURNAL do?

Learning to Use Your Journal

So… what even is the journal used for?

This type of journal is a different spin on a traditional journal. When looking through this article try and think about the comparisons and it should help you better understand!

The journal is a place where you can access all the homework that you have started. Both your drafts and your completed assignments will be visible here!

Here you can see there is a draft found in the journal! Notice how the top orange bar says this assignment is only visible to the draft. This means that only your class teacher can see the draft you have started.


        This is an example of a completed assignment found in the journal

How to Navigate Your Journal

So now you know what your journal is and what it looks like, but how do use it? As we’ve mentioned above, the purpose of the journal is to be a place for you and your teacher to see all of the homework you have started as a draft or completed and submitted. However, the journal has another function! You can use the journal to create your own responses to be seen by your teacher. You can post photos, videos, links, and many more!

To do this, first click the “+Add” button

Next, click the type of response you want to create. Your teacher will also be able to see your response. This shared post will help keep the teacher updated on your progress!


Written by: Leah Blask & Charlie Boyle

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