Navigating Clever – A Gateway to Seesaw [part 4]

What is “Clever”?

Clever in an online learning tool for students to be able to work from home and continue to learn even when we are unable to meet face to face in classes. Clever is an online portal that allows access to other online tools that take you directly to your classes, subjects, specials, and online activities that are assigned by teachers. Clever is also known as your “Dashboard” to get to the different tools and applications designed to help students succeed during online learning.

Think of Clever like a train or bus station, or like an airport. “Clever” is the building. It’s step 1 to take a trip to your final destination. In our airport metaphor, the tiles on Clever are your gates. The flight to SeeSaw leaves from Gate B2!


This chapter is meant to help you succeed in navigating through Clever in order to give you greater confidence in working with online schooling programs, as Clever will open the door to the many other applications and programs that will be necessary for student’s learning. This chapter will discuss accessing Clever, using your Clever badge, and what that means, and how to get to Seesaw through Clever.


Written by: DocMC, super cool airport graphic by McKenzie Paulsen


Surviving Seesaw – You got this! Copyright © by Kate Magsamen-Conrad. All Rights Reserved.

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