16 Accessing Clever Using the Badge

In this chapter, we will talk about how to log into Clever with your Clever badge. The next chapter will show you how to log in without your Clever badge.

The first thing to note is that if a student has a Chromebook provided by their school, they might be logged into Clever automatically. This is the case for most Chromebooks issued by the Iowa City Community School District.

The next and likely most common option for logging into Clever will be through something called your Clever badge. Every student should have a Clever badge issued by the school. Your learner’s teacher should be able to help you get a clever badge if you are not sure where it is.

First, to use the Clever Badge, open an internet browser and go to Clever.com click “Clever badge log-in” from the home page of the Clever website. After this, Clever will access the webcam on your device [1] When you see yourself on camera, hold your Clever badge up to the camera, and once the device registers the bade, will be logged in to Clever automatically.



If you DON’T have access to your Clever badge, you can go to Clever.com, and click ‘log in as a student’. An overview is provided below, and detailed instructions are provided in the next chapter.

Type your location into the search bar, (e.g., “Iowa City”) and select your specific school.

The same camera window will come as it did for the first option, but if you don’t have your clever badge you can just click “Log-in”

From there you will have the option to “Sign-in through Google”. Clicking “Sign-in through Google” will give you an option to sign in through your student’s school email. If you do not have your learner’s school email and password, please contact the teacher/school district.


First Draft: Kennedy Williams
Final Draft: Caleb Moody

  1. Your device may not have a webcam. We are preparing information about how to determine if this is an issue for you. In the meantime, please contact your learner's teacher and/or school district.


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