15 The Clever “Badge”

In this chapter, we will talk about what a clever badge is, what it’s main uses are, and why it’s important for your online learning experience.

The student learner’s Clever badge is likely something they will use every day, multiple times a day, throughout the school year. Clever badges, also known as QR codes, making logging in faster and easier for everyone.

So what is a QR code anyway? 

So glad you asked!

A QR code is a combination of black and white boxes that store a website address (also known as a URL) so when you “take a picture” of a Clever Badge (or QR Code!) on a phone or computer it will automatically take you to the exact website where you need to be. QR stands for “quick response”. The QR code holds information that will log users into different websites and programs.


A couple of important things to note are:

  1. Your learner’s Clever badge (or QR code) is personalized with THEIR log-in information. Two students do not have the same code so you need to make sure it’s your student’s Clever badge before logging in.
  2. The QR code may not be required, but it’s a tool used to make logging in easier.

It may seem bananas that a little box can hold such an important role in online learning, but that little box makes accessing online schooling so much easier. When you master this QR code it will make logging in and working on online schooling a piece of cake.

First Draft: Kennedy Williams

Final Draft: Caleb Moody


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